The Homecoming series features a young traveller revisiting our city.

We were supposed to fly out to Europe the next day - and suddenly all flights were in flux. Months of planning had gone into shooting this magnificent astrogirl in Paris, London, and New York - and suddenly travel was no longer possible. So we cancelled the whole trip. We were gutted. My family sat around the house, miserable, for about 2 weeks until we decided to make the best of it. Just because we couldn't travel, didn't mean this magical little creature couldn't still explore!

So we pulled out the gear and started making plans...

Because the laws were changing daily, going out was stressful, and had to be planned in advance to make sure we were following the rules. We wanted to allow my daughter Roxy to explore and didn't want her to feel limited. Toronto has some incredible architecture and we are using this project as an excuse to show my daughter places she's never seen before and to pass them on. Celebrating the joy in nature, the beauty of uncertainty, and the inspiration of motherhood.

A fine art series in uncertain times. Here's hoping that when we all come out of this we are able to look at the world the way astronauts do when they return from space. With wonder, awe, respect, and humility.

Come home... 

xo Kitty