Party Animals

Built from the love of animals. The Party Animals series holds a very special place in my heart, as I find animals to be an enormous inspiration not only to my work, but my life. I worked with exotic animal rescue centres around Canada to highlight the personalities of these incredible creatures.
These images aren't built in Photoshop - we built the sets on location so the animals didn't have to be moved, and picked the props that accommodated their comfort level. The animal interaction with the party props is real, as are their details and expressions. We kept shooting time as close to 5 minutes as possible for these gorgeous creatures, to make sure they weren't stressed out...and we got some amazing characters.
The emu shot, for example, was less of a creative choice, but happened because he loved wrapping his head around the paper stand. He also pooped on the paper. A lot.
The fox was named Clyde and had a girlfriend named Bonnie. He was the more social of the two, and loved the camera (both mine and the polaroid), and was circling the set looking for food.
The bobcats were absolutely incredible to work with. They were like cats on speed, so rambunctious and just wanted to tear everything up, and play.
It was an amazing experience, one I helps enables people to bond with animals better, and encourages them to treat them better.
No house party would be complete without these personalities. Flip through these charming guests, and match them to friends who embrace their inner animal
xo Kitty