Where do you ship to?

Right now we are only shipping prints to Canada and the U.S, but are able to quote out international shipments of prints upon request. Ceramics are currently only being shipped within Canada, as the shipping cost for weight and breakability is quite prohibitive for these one-of-a-kind babes.

How do you pack your ceramics?

We double box our ceramics in double walled cardboard, and recycled packing materials. We only use water soluble corn-based peanuts, and try to be as environmentally conscious as possible while still doing our best to ensure your pieces arrive safely.

Can I make a special request?

Although we do occasionally do custom orders, we no longer offer wholesale offerings. We find it stays the most creative over here if we can just play and make all of the weird stuff that comes to mind. With too many custom orders we find it pretty tough to stay on top of the regularly stocked items. However for custom print sizes, just drop an email to us for the dimensions you are looking for, and what piece, and we will let you know what's possible.

Who actually makes all of the ceramics?

All pieces are handmade by artist Katherine Holland. During the process of creating them, they are touched and refined over 20 times, with countless hours going into each and every piece. They are rolled out, wedged, wheel thrown, wrapped in plastic, dried for a few days, then refined, assembled, dried some more, fired in the oven to Cone 06, then sanded, glazed with custom developed proprietary studio glaze, and fired again in a Cone 6 glaze fire, sanded again, waxed, and packaged up for you. Phew!